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Elderberry has many benefits, including treating common colds, coughing, sinusitis, high cholesterol, constipation, and more. It is also known for boosting the immune system and fighting infections. 


Bladderwrack is a brown seaweed that can be eaten and is rich in healthy nutrients. It is a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, macro minerals, and trace minerals. Iodine is a major component of the thyroid hormone. Bladderwrack has been known to be useful in the treatment of hypothyroidism, hair loss, ulcers, constipation, poor mineral status, and some female hormone imbalances.

Sea Moss with Elderberry & Bladderwrack

  • Additional supplement options are:


    Nettle Root

    Gotu Kola Herb

    Chaste Tree Berries

    Burdock Root

    Licorice Root

    Lion's Mane

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